Things to do in Phuket places to see for a honeymoon couple in Phuket

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Places to see for a Honeymoon couple in Phuket

Phuket is a romantic place and there are several places to see for a honeymoon couple in Phuket.

The aquamarine waters of the Andaman Sea to the south of Thailand, the boundless tropical islands and the bounty of nature’s beauty have made the place an ultimate destination for honeymoon couples. The long coastline of Phuket is flocked by a number of spas, hotels, restaurants and spas. Most of them offer a beautiful view of the azure sea and clear sea water which further add grace to the place. Every year several newly-wed couples visit this pace that offers serene beauty and absolute privacy.

Phuket has several crowded and secluded spots. Those willing to become a part of the hustle and bustle can visit the crowded markets, street eateries, local restaurants, public beaches and other places where people tend to visit in groups. As a honeymoon couple, it is better to stay away from such places if you are looking for some real privacy. Though group tours and sight-seeing packages work out economical, they might not offer you the desired privacy always. So be prepared to shell out extra bhats to make your partner happy and contented. Plan out your visits in such a way that you enjoy them at the same time do not get exhausted.

Top Romantic Places to Visit in Phuket on Your Honeymoon

How romantic a place in Phuket is depends upon how you consider it. If both of you are a nature lovers with a taste for natural beauty, consider the following activities

A Glimpse of Golden Sunset at Promthep

Sunrise and sunset have always been the best views on Phuket islands. To have a better glimpse of the nature’s magic, go to the southernmost tip of the island which is known a Promthep, a rocky land that penetrates into the sea. Just hold your partner’s had and walk along the sand looking at the majestic ball of fire drowning on the horizons of the sea. Also click a few photographs of the spectacular scene to preserve the memorable moments. To make the moment even more pleasurable grab a drink and walk along taking small sips.

Romantic candle- light Dinner at any of the Sea- Side Resorts

There are a number of sea-side resorts that are self- contained with amenities and facilities. They offer rooms and refreshment for the tourists. They also offer honeymoon packages for newly-wed couples. Relaxing lounges, sea front cottages, huge bean bags, cozy beds, complimentary meals, candle light treats, multi-cuisine delicacies and more await the couple who wish to spend romantic moments in Phuket.

Become a Part of Thai Tradition

If you want to enjoy something very different from the same old activities every couple enjoy, get into the traditional mode. During few festivals, the Thai folks light up lanterns and float them into the sky as a mark of respect to their gods. Vendors selling these lanterns are found on almost all the beaches. Just buy a couple of them and float them into the air together making a wish.

Enjoy Romantic Rides on the Blue Sea- Best Option for Honeymoon Couple in Phuket

Cruise Boats – Riding or say, floating on the gentle waters of the sea with your loved one can certainly kick off the buried romance in anyone. Hire a private boat or become a part of cruise boats that offer special trips to the giant limestone cliffs of the island. A package on these cruise boats includes trip to the nearby island, drinks and even snacks. Sit on the cushiony seats on the deck of the boat and enjoy the wide screen view around.

Phang Nga Bay – This is one of those secluded spots which are not crowded and infested with the tourists. It is so huge that you can spend the whole day exploring the island on foot. Kayaking is a good option to add fun to your trip. Also you can stop by the reclining Buddha in Suwannakuha cave. But just make sure you do not annoy those monkeys lurking around; lest they can make your trip a miserable one.

Romantic Adventurous Activities for Honeymoon Couple in Phuket

There is no bar for adventure loving couples in Phuket islands. With plenty of options ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling to sea kayak, surfing and deep sea diving Adventure lovers will never have time to get jaded. Especially on a honeymoon trip with the one you love the most these adventures can be even more interesting.

Take a charter boat from one island to a nearby island. Take short breaks in between to try out a few marine activities. Dive into the turquoise waters with your spouse to check out how deep sea romance works out for you. Also include the colorful marine life in your romance. Though private boats could be expensive, I suggest, you must make provision for it if you want to see that sweet smile on HER face.

Phuket Fantasea:

Phuket Fantasea is one of the most entertaining and fun-filled shows of Phuket. The show hosts a number of circus and trapeze artists performing colorful tricks along with trained animals and birds. The whole show has a storyline that blends Thai culture to colorful moments.

No doubt Phuket is a versatile place of visit that has something for everyone. It is one of the most preferred and recommended place of visit for honeymoon couples, whether it is a newlywed couple or a couple planning for a 2nd honeymoon. More than anything else, if you want to see that twinkle in the eyes of your spouse, get her a surprise package tour to Phuket as a honeymoon gift.

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